About Parker Fence

Parker Fence was started in 1947 by Helen and Roy Parker. Helen’s grandfather, Guy Mafera, patented chain link in 1892. His company, American Chain Link Fence, developed their own line of fence products. Helen Parker’s father, Fred Mafera, took over the business and became president of American Chain Link Fence. When he retired Helen and Roy decided to stay in the installation side of the business and started up Parker Fence. From 1947 to 1986 Helen and Roy ran the business. In 1971 their son Fred entered the company as a freshman in high school. He became a full time employee in 1974 after finishing high school. When Helen and Roy retired in 1986, Fred and his wife Debbie bought the business from them.

In 1987 Parker Fence joined the American Fence Association. The next year Fred became the president of the North East Chapter, which he held for five years. Fred then went on to become the national secretary, vice president, president elect, and finally president in 1999-2000. In 2001 after his term as president he became a part of the past president’s group, and is still an active member of the AFA. Not many small companies can say they have a former president of the AFA as their owner.

Parker Fence has all the tools needed to install your fence projects including motorized lifts, power augers, trenchers, core drills, mag drills, jackhammers, concrete saws, welders, plus all your typical tools used in fence installation. In 2007 we will be celebrating our 60th year in business and our family’s 115th year in the industry. If you are looking for someone who is going to be around when your children are in need of repair work, you can count on us.